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Safe anaesthesia and respiratory solutions for limited resource settings


Critical Care Nursing in Resource-Limited Environments

Published: 27 Jan 2018 Critical Care Nursing in Resource-Limited Environments

To start the new year we are delighted to introduce you to David Muir – our first blogger of 2018. A critical care nurse, David specialises in delivering critical care in low resource environments and is presently writing his PhD on this subject.

A Global Gathering for Safe Anaesthesia

Published: 5 Dec 2017 A Global Gathering for Safe Anaesthesia The faces peering out of the bus windows are variously excited, apprehensive, hot, curious and tired from a day’s travel, writes Dr Hilary Edgcombe.

Transforming Child Care

Published: 27 Oct 2017 Transforming Child Care Diamedica is lucky enough to work with some remarkable medical professionals around the world. It’s why we wanted to highlight the work of Dr Ray Towey in our Guest Blog spot this month.

Keeping safety centre stage in surgery

Published: 8 Sep 2017 Keeping safety centre stage in surgery

We are delighted to introduce Janet A Dewan, PhD CRNA, of Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Janet is our guest blogger this month and gives a frank account of the challenges faced by medical professionals working in low resource settings.

Rewarding work in Anaesthesia

Published: 7 Aug 2017 Rewarding work in Anaesthesia

Diamedica is delighted to introduce an anaesthetist called Hodo Aided from Al-Hayat teaching hospital in Somaliland. In her blog she describes some of the reasons she loves her job so much. 

It’s not a bomb – honest!

Published: 23 Jun 2017 It’s not a bomb – honest! Anaesthetist Dr Malcolm Savidge shares some of the challeges he faced in Nepal - not least his airport obstacles.

An anaesthetist’s adventure begins

Published: 26 May 2017 An anaesthetist’s adventure begins

In the first of a two part Guest Blog, anaesthetist Malcolm Savidge prepares to travel to Nepal for the first time.  

The place for draw-over anaesthesia

Published: 24 Apr 2017 The place for draw-over anaesthesia

Most of my colleagues today in the West have little or no experience of draw-over anaesthesia, writes Michael Carter. I saw an Epstein Mackintosh Oxford Ether vaporiser on elective in Nepal in 1976. At the end of my house jobs in Warwick I asked to do a year in Anaesthetics, and got the job without any interview. 15 months later I returned to Nepal with my Primary and Diploma, and used the EMO. I carried two empty E-size oxygen cylinders from Pokhara to Kathmandu for refills.