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Safe anaesthesia and respiratory solutions for limited resource settings


Safe Anaesthesia for Mongolia

Published: 16 Oct 2017 Safe Anaesthesia for Mongolia Journalist Jane Feinmann returned last year from Mongolia with a mission - to provide appropriate anaesthesia machines suitable for use in remote hospitals in rural areas of Mongolia. Today, Jane launches a new fundraising appeal to coincide with World Anaesthesia Day, 16 October, that commemorates the first public demonstration of ether anaesthesia.

‘Miracle machines’ save lives

Published: 4 Oct 2016 ‘Miracle machines’ save lives REDUCING paediatric mortality is an inherently noble activity. It’s sadly more of a challenge for doctors in some regions of the world than it is in others.

Collaboration for Somaliland

Published: 1 Dec 2015 Collaboration for Somaliland

Diamedica enlisted the help of charities from opposite sides of the globe to supply two Glostavent Helix anaesthesia machines to Somaliland. A warm welcome greeted Managing Director Robert Neighbour on a return visit to the Al-Hyatt Hospital in Borama and the Edna Adan Hospital in Hargeisa in November.

Honouring our Humanitarian Heroes

Published: 19 Aug 2015 Honouring our Humanitarian Heroes

Today, Wednesday 29th August is World Humanitarian Day, a day designated by the UN to recognise humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes.

New Glostavent filmed in Rwanda with the charity IOWD

Published: 22 Jun 2015 New Glostavent filmed in Rwanda with the charity IOWD

Earlier this year Diamedica visited Rwanda to make a film about the Glostavent anaesthetic machine at Kibagabaga Hospital. The Glostavent had been donated by the charity International Operation for Women and Development (IOWD) who had selected our anaesthetic machine as being ideal for the locations they work in, where resources are limited and power failures frequent.  

Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide sends aid to Nepal

Published: 19 Jun 2015 Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide sends aid to Nepal In April a devastating earthquake struck Nepal, killing thousands of people and injuring thousands more. Many of the victims sustained painful fractures and crush injuries that needed emergency surgical treatment.

Disaster Relief in the Philippines

Published: 19 Feb 2014 Disaster Relief in the Philippines When Typhoon Haiyan devastated parts of Southeast Asia in November, a number of humanitarian relief charities rushing to deliver aid took Diamedica equipment with them...

Fistula repair in Rwanda

Published: 19 Feb 2014 Fistula repair in Rwanda Diamedica Director, Robert Neighbour, recently visited three hospitals in Rwanda to install new Glostavent® anaesthesia systems. At Kibagabaga Hospital in Kigali, the International Organization for Women & Development had purchased the Glostavent as part of their obstetric fistula repair program.

Mount Kilimanjaro Trek

Published: 18 Feb 2014 Mount Kilimanjaro Trek Matthew Neighbour, son of Managing Director Robert Neighbour, is planning to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro and raise funds for the charity Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide.  The 19,345 feet high peak is a physically and mentally challenging trek, even for experienced climbers like Matthew. To sponsor Matthew’s charity challenge, please visit his webpage. Thank you.

Mobile surgical hospital for Homs

Published: 8 Jul 2013 Mobile surgical hospital for Homs A Hospitrailer mobile surgical unit, containing a Glostavent® Anaesthesia Machine, is to be sent to the Homs region of Syria. The violence in Syria has destroyed many hospital facilities and those that remain lack medical supplies and equipment. As a result, many casualties do not receive the treatment they need.

New machines for Haydom Hospital

Published: 18 Jun 2013 New machines for Haydom Hospital Diamedica’s most recent trip to Tanzania included a visit by Managing Director, Robert Neighbour, to Haydom Lutheran Hospital to install three new Glostavent anaesthesia machines and train local staff.

The Smiling Coast of Africa

Published: 11 Feb 2013 The Smiling Coast of Africa Whilst the UK shivered under a blanket of January snow, Managing Director, Robert Neighbour was visiting hospitals and servicing equipment in the warmer climes of West Africa. The Gambia’s beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife and friendly people have earned it the description The Smiling Coast of Africa. Yet despite these riches, the country is one of the poorest in the world.

Global Surgical Consortium

Published: 18 Dec 2012 Global Surgical Consortium The Global Surgical Consortium (GSC) envisions a world without barriers to safe surgery and anaesthesia.

Helping those in need

Published: 16 Jul 2012 Helping those in need

Diamedica is proud to work with many charities who provide medical aid to low income countries and emergency relief to those caught up in disasters.

If you are a charity, corporate donor  or an individual who would like to help supply suitable equipment to a hospital in need, please contact our Charity Liaison Officer, Carol Newman. Email c.newman@diamedica.co.uk

Into the Dead Heart of Africa

Published: 2 May 2012 Into the Dead Heart of Africa The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in central Africa with a largely desert climate and extremes of temperature. It is sometimes referred to as the “Dead Heart of Africa”. In April, Director, Robert Neighbour, travelled to Abéché Regional Hospital in the east of Chad, to install a Glostavent anaesthetic machine and provide training in its use and maintenance.

New anaesthesia charity

Published: 18 Aug 2011 New anaesthesia charity Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide is a newly formed charity that aims to relieve suffering and save lives by making the benefits of anaesthesia available to people in poor countries.

Breath of Life

Published: 8 Apr 2011 Breath of Life On 9th July 2011 the Republic of South Sudan will officially be born following a historic independence referendum. It is therefore fitting that the first anaesthetic machine provided by the Bideford Bridge Rotary Club’s ‘Breath of Life’ campaign is going to help the birth of the youngest country in the world.

A trip to Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital

Published: 28 Feb 2011 A trip to Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital Diamedica Managing Director, Robert Neighbour, recently returned from a trip to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. The hospital provides free treatment for poor women with childbirth injuries. Robert’s visit was to help with the maintenance of the hospital’s four Glostavent® anaesthetic machines and provide training for local staff.

Donation to Pallisa District Hospital, Uganda

Published: 20 Oct 2010 Donation to Pallisa District Hospital, Uganda On Friday 8thOctober Dr Mike Marks MBE and the International Medical Director for Direct Relief International presented a Glostavent® anaesthesia machine to Palissa District Hospital in Uganda.

All is not well in paradise

Published: 8 Jul 2010 All is not well in paradise Zanzibar's white sandy beaches and coral reef make it look like a tropical paradise, but the one million people who live on the island have limited access to health care.

Improvements at Bansang Hospital, the Gambia

Published: 7 Jul 2010 Improvements at Bansang Hospital, the Gambia Rotary runs countless humanitarian projects both locally, nationally and internationally, and also partners with many charities worldwide. For example, the Rotary Club of Jersey and many others helped to provide a much needed second Glostavent ® Anaesthesia System for Bansang Hospital in the Gambia, through the Bansang Hospital Appeal.

Safer births in Sierra Leone

Published: 7 Jul 2010 Safer births in Sierra Leone In May, Diamedica was delighted to arrange the shipment of a Glostavent ® Anaesthesia System to the Aberdeen Women's Centre in Sierra Leone, courtesy of the Gloag Foundation.

Bideford Bridge Rotary Club brings anaesthesia to the international Rotary community

Published: 21 Jul 2009 When Bideford Bridge Rotary Club listened to a talk by Robert Neighbour on anaesthesia in the developing world they immediately decided to get behind the issue and applied for a slot at the 100th Rotary International Convention held in Birmingham in June 2009.