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Safe anaesthesia and respiratory solutions for limited resource settings


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Women of Medical Substance

Published 1 Nov 2017 Women of Medical Substance Diamedica is delighted to tell you about a young nurse anaesthetist we helped in Somaliland called Hamda Mohamed Omer.

Winning Lifesaving Challenges

Published 27 Oct 2017 Winning Lifesaving Challenges

Diamedica recently ran an extraordinary project in Somaliland promoting safe anaesthesia. We talked with the remarkable nurse anaesthetist Mubarak Mohamed.

Safe Anaesthesia for Mongolia

Published 16 Oct 2017 Safe Anaesthesia for Mongolia Journalist Jane Feinmann returned last year from Mongolia with a mission - to provide appropriate anaesthesia machines suitable for use in hospitals in rural areas of Mongolia. Almost one million Mongolians live in remote areas and cannot easily access emergency surgery. Today, Jane launches a new fundraising appeal to coincide with World Anaesthesia Day, 16 October.

Getting to Grips with Lifesaving Technology

Published 22 Sep 2017 Getting to Grips with Lifesaving Technology Hands-on was the emphasis when delegates met for Diamedica’s training day at The Royal Society of Medicine in London.

Charity donation brings surprise Madonna connection

Published 14 Sep 2017 Charity donation brings surprise Madonna connection

Diamedica has provided medical equipment to thousands of people around the world – but never to the Queen of Pop.

That’s all changed now, thanks to a curious connection that means megastar Madonna, no less, has just been the recipient of more than £10,000 worth of Diamedica’s lifesaving medical equipment.


Enhanced Quality Management Systems and Customer Care

Published 19 Jul 2017

Tackling tough anaesthesia targets

Published 21 Jun 2017 Tackling tough anaesthesia targets

For more than a decade, nurturing partnerships to improve and advance levels of healthcare in low resource settings has been a central concern for Diamedica. It’s why the company was happy to join forces with the G4 Alliance and its 80 members to co-author a manuscript published in the World Journal of Surgery.

Floating hospitals serving the poor in Bangladesh

Published 6 Jun 2017 Floating hospitals serving the poor in Bangladesh The floating hospitals of Bangladesh are life transforming for people who live in the remote and inaccessible areas of this densely populated country.

New ICRC Handbook

Published 4 May 2017 New ICRC Handbook

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has now published its Anaesthesia Handbook.

Saving vulnerable lives

Published 11 Apr 2017 Saving vulnerable lives

Respiratory complaints in infancy can kill, which is why Diamedica’s Baby CPAP was designed with actively reducing mortality rates in mind. And that’s exactly what it’s doing.

‘Miracle machines’ save lives

Published 4 Apr 2017 ‘Miracle machines’ save lives Reducing paediatric mortality is an inherently noble activity. It’s sadly more of a challenge for doctors in some regions of the world than it is in others.

Partnerships for Progress

Published 3 Apr 2017 Partnerships for Progress

Diamedica spent part of January in Somaliland working on an internationally-driven anaesthesia project.

Two awards for versatile ventilator

Published 10 Mar 2017 Two awards for versatile ventilator

Diamedica is no stranger to winning awards. The designer/manufacturer of anaesthesia and respiratory solutions has scooped many prizes over the years, but was delighted to win two awards at the recent Africa Healthcare Summit in London.

New Glostavent Helix with unbeatable emergency 12 hour backup

Published 27 Jan 2017 The new model Glostavent Helix with extended 12 hours backups gives unparalleled performance and peace of mind to anaesthetists working in challenging conditions. The new Glostavent Helix will be launched at Arab Health in Dubai Arab Health Exhibition and Congress in Dubai, AE, from 30 Jan to 2 Feb 2017

Innovation Award Winner 2017

Published 16 Jan 2017 Innovation Award Winner 2017

The Diamedica Oxygen Reservoir System has won first prize in the 2017 Award for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain. This unique oxygen reservoir system is a low-cost solution to back up oxygen supply in low-income countries and remote locations.