My name is Hodo Aided and I am 29 years old. I work in the Al-Hayat teaching hospital of Amoud University in Borama, Somaliland. The hospital is a referral hospital.

I started working at this hospital in 2011 as new graduate nurse, and now I work as senior Nurse Anaesthetist. I am proud to be the first Nurse Anaesthetist in Somaliland who graduated from Amoud University.

I love my job and I really enjoy helping my patients who need my help.

Mostly we do elective general surgeries and orthopedic surgery. We try give safe anaesthesia for each case and ensure that every patient who needs surgery gets the appropriate anaesthesia care. We have anaesthesia machines, medication, equipment – and the knowledge about how to administer safe anaesthesia.

We are lucky to have a Glostavent anaesthesia machine, but before we got it we had many problems – like sometimes the oxygen cylinder would become empty during surgery. The Glostavent gives the best results and it’s easy use.

Since my career began at Al-Hayat teaching hospital there have been many highlights, but there is one case that I can't forget – a 56-year-old man with a head injury. That case involved a craniotomy lasting for 10 hours.

When he arrived at the hospital he was unconscious and after surgery he was in coma in ICU for eight days.

When he woke up and responded to the nurse, she called me and said “Your patient he is awake.” I was really very happy and so excited that he had pulled through.

This story is just one of the many reasons my job as a Nurse Anaesthetist is so rewarding.

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