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Publication date: 13 August 2018

Diamedica engineers were in Bangladesh last week to service Glostavent anaesthesia machines that serve on ships run by the charity Friendship. The ships are fully equipped as floating hospitals that provide a range of free services, including surgical operations, to the poorest communities that live in remote and inaccessible areas of the country.

Diamedica travelled to Dhaka to service three Glostavent anaesthesia machines and to run a training programme for the charity‘s engineers and operating theatre staff.

Each Glostavent machine received a thorough health check to ensure it was working efficiently and to full capacity. A number of Friendship’s staff members were trained in how to maintain the machines and confidently handle any future servicing needs.

Training is a fundamental part of the service Diamedica provide to customers. Training the engineers and primary users makes certain that our equipment continues to be both reliable and sustainable throughout the lifetime of the product.

Friendship's three floating hospitals provide free medical care to the very poorest people who would otherwise have no access to medical care at all.  Their hospital ships move every few months to reach as many people as possible and between them treat 140,000 patients every year.

Friendship programmes include access to health, education, basic needs, equal rights and opportunities, sustainable income and preservation of national heritage. For more information about Friendship’s remarkable work and the impact it makes please visit their website: https://friendship.ngo


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