Publication date: 16 June 2019

The Glostavent Portable DPA02 can be used effectively in the most hostile and remote locations on the planet, making it the first machine of choice for many humanitarian and disaster relief organisations. Recently, two portable Glostavent DPA02s were dispatched to Mongolia for use in remote rural hospitals that provide emergency care for Mongolia’s nomadic people, thanks to charitable donations from Safe Anaesthesia Mongolia and Future Crunch

Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world. Almost half of the population reside in rural areas and live a nomadic lifestyle. Deserts and mountains coupled with the extremes of weather are significant obstacles to road building and impede transport of patients in need.

Safe Anaesthesia Mongolia is helping to equip operating theatres in strategically located provincial clinics with DPA02 anaesthesia machines that can function reliably, even in the absence of electricity and medical gases. 

Lightweight and contained in a tough Peli case, the DPA02 can be easily hand carried and transported to remote locations. SImple to operate and quickly assembled in less than two minutes, it is the ideal outreach anaesthesia machine. For full details please visit our product page: CLICK HERE 

Mongolian anaesthetist, Dr Ganbold Lundeg, is implementing the new anaestheisa machines to enable essential and emergency surgical procedures in remote areas and save lives. 

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