Publication date: 18 November 2019

Multiple Glostavent® Helix anaesthesia machines have been delivered to Zambia, a country with a population of more than 17 million.  Diamedica’s award-winning anaesthesia devices were selected and procured through a major international non-governmental organisation, dedicated to implementing and executing large projects.

Generating their own medical oxygen and with the capacity to work without electricity, these Glostavent® Helix anaesthesia machines will allow health care providers to deliver anaesthesia effectively and reliably to their patients.

For lifesaving devices to be used to their fullest extent, they need healthcare providers who are confident in using them. After the Glostavent Helix machines had been delivered, Diamedica’s team of engineers arrived in Zambia to provide centralised, multi-day installation and maintenance training. This training programme was tailored to suit both biomedical technicians and end users, who were presented with certificates on completion of the training programme. Combining hands-on practical sessions with theoretical learning improves product usability to enable safe anaesthesia and surgery. This detailed training approach ensures Glostavent® Helix users feel confident when operating the machine and maintaining it.

Diamedica is committed to providing user and maintenance training and providing free, ongoing after sales support via email or telephone and WhatsApp for the lifetime of the product.

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