Publication date: 28 January 2020

Diamedica have been developing, designing and manufacturing innovative new products for low resource environments.

Product one - Diamedica Portable CPAP

The Diamedica Portable CPAP is a small, hands-free, neonatal CPAP device that provides filtered room air through a patient cannula interface.
The device provides an affordable, interim CPAP solution for preterm and low birth weight babies in low resource settings. Specifically designed for use in challenging locations, it can be used in the delivery room or during transport or during a power outage. It can also be used when the number of patients in need of CPAP therapy exceeds the number of standalone CPAP machines available.

The Diamedica Portable CPAP won the Runner up Award for Innovation from the Association of Anaesthetists. Diamedica donated their £1000 prize money to the charity Born on the Edge supporting neonatal care at Mbale Hospital in Uganda

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Product two- Glostavent® Helix Duo Anaesthesia Machine

Derived from the renowned Glostavent® anaesthesia range, the Glostavent® Helix Duo incorporates the same key characteristics of the Glostavent® Helix with the additional advantage of two, low resistance, draw over vaporisers.
The twin vaporisers permit the safe delivery of a gaseous induction using Sevoflurane before switching to Isoflurane for more cost-effective maintenance of anaesthesia. The unique ‘vaporiser select technology’ enables the safe and precise changeover between vaporisers, with no possibility of both units in use simultaneously.

The machine produces its own oxygen and medical air, and has backup power, making it perfect for low resource environments. The Glostavent® Helix Duo has a built-in mechanical ventilator and numerous life-saving emergency backup systems. 

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Product three - Glostavent® Portable DPA03

Versatility is the key feature of the entire Glostavent® portable range. The machines do not require electrical or battery power, functioning anywhere, whether you’re in the field or working in an outreach hospital or rural clinic.

Following customer evaluation, we have introduced a variety of usability and safety features to the DPA03 which are in the final stages of obtaining CE certification. The machine now combines the additional benefit of two inline vaporisers, connection for supplementary oxygen, a patient pressure gauge, and a vital signs monitor to ensure complete patient safety.

The twin vaporisers are suitable for Sevoflurane and either Halothane or Isoflurane to maximise the resources available, making the DPA03 an ideal anaesthesia solution for low-resource health systems. The vaporiser switching mechanism incorporates a ‘break before make’ safety feature to permit seamless and controlled changeover between both vaporisers, with no possibility of having both units in use in the circuit simultaneously.


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