Publication date: 13 January 2021

The past 12 months have been very difficult for everybody and for many businesses.
At Diamedica (UK) Ltd there have been several highs and lows and many challenges for individuals and the company as a whole. However, we have worked continuously to meet the various demands of customers, colleagues, and friends. As Managing Director, I am enormously thankful and proud of the actions of all the staff in meeting those demands whilst maintaining complete professionalism and their sense of humour.

The pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, forced significant changes to business practices, working environments, and the way we provide support and training for end users of the equipment. With the adaptability of staff and the use of new techniques and technology we have been able to maintain the high quality of support and service that we have always provided.

In the early stages of the emergency the company responded to requests, both domestic and overseas for the increased provision of oxygen equipment, ventilators and the additional technical support and consumables that were required. Thankfully, this did not interrupt the continuous supply and support of equipment to our customers worldwide.

We also provided technical support, advice and guidance to many other organisations across the globe, focused on suitability of medical equipment that would provide the best options for the treatment of COVID-19 in areas with limited resources.

Although there is still a long way to go to get back to normality, Diamedica is working on a number of research and development activities and new products for the future. As a result of the pandemic there has been a wide acknowledgement of the many gaps in global health. We believe that with this new awareness, understanding and emphasis the time is right to make a real difference to the provision of health services and resources in many underserved areas of the world.

Diamedica (UK) Ltd stands ready to develop new relationships and connections to help move the global health agenda forward.

Robert Neighbour
Diamedica (UK) Ltd Managing Director

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