Portable Baby CPAP

A safe, high-quality, easy to use, non-invasive respiratory support device for preterm babies, neonates and paediatrics. Diamedica’s Portable Baby CPAP provides safe continuous positive airway pressure, specifically designed for limited resource settings where the cost of conventional CPAP is prohibitive.

The Portable Baby CPAP is a compact, hands-free, neonatal respiratory device. The machine delivers a source of continuous pressurised room air, which can be supplemented with oxygen from an oxygen concentrator or cylinder, if required. The blended, pressurised flow is delivered through a patient cannula interface.

Designed for use in a range of settings including transport, delivery room and during a power outage; this device can also be used when the number of patients in need of CPAP therapy exceeds the number of standalone CPAP machines available. The Diamedica Portable CPAP is designed to be used as an interim solution before the patient is connected to a stand-alone CPAP device (such as the CPAP 10/20). This innovative solution provides vital respiratory support for vulnerable patients during periods when a conventional CPAP device is not accessible.

Key features
  • Portable and compact design for simplicity of use
  • Low maintenance and easy servicing
  • Set up in less than 1 minute
  • Two-patient application possible
  • Device is compatible with hands-free use and kangaroo mother care
  • Integral supplementary oxygen port
  • Powered by mains power or internal battery
  • Provide 8 hours battery life and can be charged whilst in use
  • Battery life indicator TFT LCD display screen
  • Pressure and flow rates dependant on chosen cannula size
  • Simple troubleshooting and routine maintenance
  • Minimal cleaning required and wipe clean carry case
  • Inexpensive to run – no need for costly oxygen and air cylinders
  • Designed, engineered & manufactured in the UK, robust and built to last

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Specifications Portable Baby CPAP

Patient interfaceRAM or Hudson cannula (supplied with RAM Cannula)
Flow rate8-20 L/min dependent on cannula size
PressureUp to 8 cm H O dependent on nares seal
Supplementary oxygen portYes
FiltrationStainless steel filter (300µ)
PackagingSupplied in carry case
AlarmsBattery charge display
Battery life per chargeUp to 8 hours at full use
Time to charge>90% in 3 hours
Recharge options12V vehicle or mains 110-240V
Dimensions187 x 243 x 103mm
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