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A commercial enterprise with a huge humanitarian heart, Diamedica incorporates training and education with reliable and sustainable products to enable safe anaesthesia.

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Affordable and Appropriate Equipment

Committed to manufacturing equipment that is affordable and economical for use in low-resource settings, our dedicated approach, spanning more than 20 years, has enabled the development of sustainable anaesthetic and respiratory equipment.

Recognising the problems that low and middle-income countries can face means that our award-winning technology is now used in more than 80 countries.

Sustainable Equipment

Diamedica equipment is specifically designed and manufactured to perform to full capability in some of the most challenging environments around the world. Heat, humidity and dust will not limit the potential of our equipment.

These hostile conditions combined with potential lack of basic resources such as consistent electricity supplies and readily available oxygen can prevent conventional first world medical devices from performing and make them inoperable. Being specifically designed with these challenges in mind, our products demonstrate the very definition of innovative technology.

Designed to completely bespoke specifications to suit low resource settings, makes them all 100% fit for purpose. Whereas other equipment may end up in the ever-growing ‘graveyards’ of unusable/unsuitable items, our equipment will remain consistent and reliable in all circumstances.

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Education, training and knowledge are key components to providing lifesaving healthcare. Working together with clinical staff through local training programmes, we provide expert education and training directly to the primary staff on how to use and maintain our equipment. This makes certain that our equipment continues to be both reliable and sustainable, making us the first choice for humanitarian disaster response organisations, remote field hospitals and outreach missions.

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Customer Support

Our dedicated team of qualified engineers provides dependable support and offers crucial guidance around the clock. Consistently providing free, ongoing after sales support via email, telephone or WhatsApp, our outstanding reputation, spanning more than 20 years, stems from our commitment to go the extra mile to ensure our equipment remains reliable and cost effective throughout its lifespan.

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Working hand in hand with in-country partners to provide training, education and distribution allows Diamedica to equip our customers with the knowledge and resources they need. This makes certain our equipment remains in quality condition to enable lifesaving procedures. Recognised as a leading expert in the field, Diamedica trains clinical staff and engineers around the world, being invited to teach and partner with leading university teaching hospitals, humanitarian organisations, individual clinicians and internationally renowned professional bodies.

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