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Ensuring proper training, maintenance, and servicing of medical equipment is essential for establishing sustainable healthcare practices.

Online Training

Recognising the demand for online learning and virtual education, Diamedica has proactively addressed this need by creating online and video-based training programs.

Through this approach, our team of engineers has successfully provided training to healthcare providers and biomedical engineers in 10 countries, with participation from over 100 individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa. This straightforward yet impactful training method only requires an internet connection, a suitable training room, and a laptop or screen to stream the live feed.

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Medical staff training

In-Country Training

Our skilled engineers share their expertise by providing valuable on-site product training to entire teams of medical professionals. This invaluable training equips healthcare providers with lifelong skills to effectively operate the equipment they have purchased from Diamedica. Our network of certified in-country distribution partners are also equipped to deliver this essential training.

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Medical staff training

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