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Glostavent® Portable DPA03

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About Glostavent® Portable DPA03

Versatility is a key feature of the Glostavent® DPA03 portable anaesthesia machine. The Glostavent® DPA03 does not require electrical or battery power, functioning anywhere, whether you’re in the field or working in an outreach hospital or rural clinic. Its two vaporisers make it suitable for use with Halothane, Isoflurane or Sevoflurane so you can maximise the resources you have. Lightweight and assembled in two minutes, the DPA03 is contained in a tough Peli case, making it safe and easy to transport as hand luggage on a plane. At short notice you can be where you need to be with the right equipment to save lives.

Key Features

  • Supplied with two low resistance vaporisers suitable for use with Isoflurane and Halothane or Sevoflurane

  • The machine can be assembled in two minutes

  • Weighing 14kg the DPA03 is lightweight and easily carried as aircraft hand luggage

  • Contained in a shockproof and waterproof Peli case it is suitable for use in the most remote locations in the world

  • Compatible with Helix portable ventilators for mechanical ventilation

  • Designed and engineered and manufactured in the UK, robust and built to last

  • Optional vital signs monitor can be supplied on request

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Product Information

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Specifications Glostavent® Portable DPA03

Peli shockproof and waterproof case

  • Peli shockproof and waterproof case: Yes


  • Low resistance: Yes
  • Suitable for drawover and continuous flow: Yes
  • Anaesthetic agent: Isoflurane/Halothane or Sevoflurane
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Agent percentage: 0 - 5% (0-8% for Sevoflurane)
  • Stainless steel filler funnel: Yes
  • Vaporiser/s included as standard: 2 included as standard. Isoflurane/Halothane and Sevoflurane.

Diamedica Patient Valve

  • Diamedica Patient Valve: Yes

Manual ventilation

  • Manual ventilation: Self inflating bag, adult/paediatric

Patient Circuits

  • Adult and paediatric circuits with masks: Yes, autoclavable
  • Ayres T piece: Yes

Supplemental Oxygen

  • Oxygen regulator and flowmeter for cylinders 0.5 - 15lpm: Yes
  • Supplementation tube for any available oxygen source: Yes

Scavenger tube

  • Scavenger tube: Yes


  • PEEP: 0-20cm H2O

Weight packed in Peli case

  • Weight packed in Peli case: 14kg


  • Dimensions: 48 x 39 x 19cm

How it works


Glostavent® DPA03 Portable Anaesthesia Machine

Animated film of the set up and use of the Glostavent® DPA03 portable anaesthesia machine, a dual vaporiser anaesthetic machine in a lightweight, portable peli-case.

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