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Glostavent® Helix

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About Glostavent® Helix

This award-winning anaesthesia machine is the very first designed to function when power or oxygen fail in your operating theatre. The machine produces its own oxygen and medical air, and also has backup power, making it perfect for low resource environments. Used in more than 70 countries, the Glostavent® Helix has a built-in mechanical ventilator and numerous life-saving emergency backup systems. Manufactured with care in our own factory in the UK, combining more than two decades of research and development, this product is CE certified, making it one of a kind.

Key Features

  • Supplied with integral 10 LPM oxygen concentrator

  • Oxygen analyser that measures and displays % inspired oxygen concentration, last up to 300 hours on battery backup

  • Suitable for adults and paediatrics

  • Battery backup for ventilator with external oxygen source for more than 300 hours

  • Delivers safe inhalational anaesthesia, with or without electricity or compressed gases

  • Full functionality with UPS for up to 30 minutes

  • Integral pressure or volume controlled Helix ventilator

  • Ventilator backup for over 12 hours

  • Fitted with alternative connections for oxygen cylinders and wall pipeline

  • Low running costs – the Glostavent® Helix produces its own oxygen from room air. No need for expensive cylinders of gas

  • Designed and engineered and manufactured in the UK, robust and built to last

  • CE certified by an internationally recognised notified body

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Product Information

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Specifications Glostavent® Helix


  • Low Resistance: Yes
  • Suitable for drawover and continuous flow: Yes
  • Anaesthetic agent: Isoflurane/Halothane or Sevoflurane
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Agent percentage: 0-5% (0-8% for Sevoflurane)

Ventilator function (Adult/paediatric)

  • Mode of operation: Time cycled, volume limited, pressure generator
  • Ventilator type: Pneumatic
  • Drive gas: Driven by oxygen from the concentrator with cylinder back-up
  • Tidal Volume: 100-1200ml
  • Inspiratory/expiratory ratio: 1:2
  • Alarms: High and low with LED indicators
  • Operating temperature range: 5-40C
  • Battery backup life: >300 hours
  • Respiratory rate: 6 to 40 breaths/min
  • Battery recharge: 90% within 3 hours
  • Inspiratory pressure range: 8-50cm water
  • Weaning/Pressure support: Triggered 1-5cm H2O
  • Drive pressure/volume: >20psi: 1/6 minute volume

Manual ventilation

  • Manual ventilation: Self-inflating bag

Oxygen Analyser

  • Calibration: Atmospheric oxygen concentration of 20.95%, (room air)
  • Measuring range: 0 - 100% oxygen concentration
  • Response time: 90% in <10 sec, depending on temperature
  • Battery backup: 300 hours

Integral Oxygen Concentrator

  • Maximum litres of oxygen per minute at 95%: 10 l/pm
  • Maximum litres of air: 10 l/pm
  • Notification/warning systems: Audible failure alarm, low oxygen light
  • Hours meter: Yes
  • Power requirement: 590W


  • PEEP: 0-20cm H20

Alternative oxygen supply option

  • 4 bar regulator with connection for oxygen cyclinder: Yes
  • 3 metre whip hose for pipeline oxygen: Yes

Emergency backup if power fails

  • Full functionality with UPS for 30 mins including oxygen concentrator: Yes
  • Compressor for ventilator backup, air only, more than 12 hours: Yes
  • Battery backup for ventilator with external oxygen source: Yes - >300 hours


  • Type: 2 KVA double on-line
  • Circuit breaker: Yes
  • Operating input range: 110-330 VAC 45?65Hz
  • Power backup (mins): 30

Oxygen Flush

  • Oxygen Flush: Yes

Scavenger for exhaled gas

  • Scavenger for exhaled gas: Yes

Additional standard items

  • Adult, paediatric and neonatal circuits: Yes, autoclavable
  • Autoclavable drugs tray: Yes
  • Workstation: Anodised aluminium with 4 antistatic castors and brakes

Patient Monitoring

  • Patient Monitoring: Optional

Power supply

  • Power supply: 230 VAC 50Hz

Machine dimensions and weight

  • Machine dimensions and weight: 54 x 66 x 145cm 102kg

How it works

Glostavent helix

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