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Airsep concentrator with labels
Airsep concentrator with labels

About Airsep 10L Oxygen Concentrator

When you work in an environment where oxygen is hard to come by or prone to running out, this oxygen concentrator will give you a safe and reliable supply – for little more than the cost of plugging in the machine. It will give you a reliable supply of oxygen at a minimal expense. Using it in combination with our flow splitters allows you to deliver oxygen to multiple patients simultaneously.

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Key Features

  • The concentrator provides oxygen from room air which never runs out

  • Suitable for areas with high ambient temperatures, humidity and altitude

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Product Information

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Product Specification


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Specifications Airsep 10L Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentration

  • 2 - 9 l/min: 92% ±3%
  • 10 l/min: 90% ±3%

Outlet pressure

  • Outlet pressure: 20 psig (138 kPa)


  • Power: 220-240V, 50Hz

Power consumption

  • Power consumption: 590 watts


  • High temperature
  • Power failure
  • High and low pressure
  • Low concentration
  • No flow


  • 26kg


  • 37 x 42 x 70cm

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