Diamedica Celebrates 10 years Of Providing Portable Anaesthesia


December 1st, 2022

The Diamedica portable anaesthesia range provides safe inhalation anaesthesia without electricity or compressed gases. This unique range has been supplied to more than 350 locations, functioning safely and effectively where first world infrastructure is lacking. This year marks 10 years from the release of the first Diamedica Portable anaesthesia machine. The initial product has been upgraded considerably in the last decade, providing two unique Portable Anaesthesia options, the DPA02™ & DPA03™. Both systems are self-contained, robust and reliable for the toughest places on earth. Both machines incorporate low resistance vaporisers for continuous flow or draw-over, providing complete inhalation anaesthesia.

The key difference between each machine is the vaporisers. The DPA03, incorporates the same key characteristics of the DPA02 with the additional advantage of twin vaporisers. The twin vaporisers permit the safe delivery of a gaseous induction using Sevoflurane before switching to the more cost-effective Isoflurane to maintain the anaesthetised state.

To celebrate a decade of supply, here is 10 reasons why we are so proud of our portable range;

1. First response - A first choice for humanitarian agencies for use in disaster and conflict situations.

2. Outreach locations - Suitable for hospitals with limited resources, field or outreach locations.

3. Robust - Contained in a shockproof and waterproof Peli case it is suitable for use in the most remote locations in the world.

4. Portable – Lightweight, weighing 10kg the product can easily be carried as aircraft hand luggage.

5. Versatile - Functions in either continuous flow or drawover mode; suitable for adult and paediatric, calibrated for either isoflurane/halothane or sevoflurane.

6. Adaptable – Can be used in conjunction with the Portable Helix ventilator for mechanical ventilation.

7. Quality - Engineered and manufactured in the UK, it’s robust and built to last. CE & CA Certified by an internationally recognised notified body.

8. Economical – Can be used without compressed gases, offering significant savings. A complete mobile clinic solution that requires minimal consumables.

9. Reliable - No electrical power required, functioning anywhere.

10. Customer support – Timely, 24/7 after-sales support for the lifetime of the equipment.

Close up of dpa03 vaporisers