Global Training Initiative: Anaesthesia in Developing Countries Course


November 30th, 2023

Diamedica's Jon Meek participated in the Anaesthesia in Developing Countries (ADC) course in Uganda.

This specialised program, designed by Mike Dobson, addresses the unique needs of anaesthetists from high-income countries, offering tailored training for those intending to work or support healthcare in low-resource settings.

The provision of safe anaesthesia in low-resource settings is difficult but essential to reduce avoidable illness and mortality and a significant amount is preventable by safer and better resourced anaesthetic practice.
For this reason, many anaesthetists from high income countries wish to support health care providers in LMICs in an effort to reduce the health burden in a particular place. When they do so, they encounter enormous differences between the environment in which they trained (with reliable power, sources of compressed oxygen and other gases, sophisticated machines and modern drugs) and that faced by their LMIC colleagues.

The ADC course facilitates informed partnership and collaboration by offering training around common contexts and challenges faced in the low-resource setting.

Jon provided teaching on the following subjects; Oxygen Safety and Supplies for LMICs, Electrical Safety and Drawover Anaesthesia. Over 20 participants benefited from Jon's teachings, enhancing their capabilities in navigating challenges specific to low-resource settings.

Acknowledgment from Course Organiser Hilary Edgcombe:
"Thank you, Jonathan Meek, for your invaluable contributions to ADC this year. Having an engineer on the faculty is crucial, and delegate feedback underscores its immense value. We look forward to your continued involvement and hope to see you again next year!"