Medical humanitarian help for Ukraine

December 21st, 2023

Diamedica's Vital Role: Emergency Medical Equipment Supply in Ukraine's Humanitarian Aid Efforts

The Association of Anaesthetists have published an article discussing ‘Medical humanitarian help for Ukraine’ of which Diamedica features having supplied emergency medical equipment for use within a mobile hospital near Odesa.

Dr Andrey Varvinskiy Consultant Anaesthetist said;

“Diamedica was extremely helpful and generous in responding to our call for aid for Ukraine. They make very inexpensive yet simple and portable anaesthetic machines (Glostavent DPA03) that fit into a 14 kg suitcase and can be used in the middle of a jungle or on the battlefield. Diamedica was also very generous in sponsoring me via their charity ‘Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide’, and also gave a massive discount to enable us to purchase two machines, a portable ventilator, and an oxygen concentrator. These items are now being used to give safe anaesthesia to casualties on the battlefields of Ukraine.”

Dr. Andrey Varvinskiy's testimony highlights the importance of collaboration between medical professionals and companies like ours in addressing urgent healthcare needs, especially in conflict zones like Ukraine.

The use of portable and inexpensive anaesthetic machines like the Glostavent DPA03, which can be easily transported and deployed in various settings, demonstrates the adaptability and effectiveness of such equipment in emergency situations.

Read the article in full here.